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Formal Verification of `Programming to Interfaces' Programs Jianhua Zhao and Xuandong Li 2016,10(4):0
AL-SMC: Optimizing Statistical Model Checking by Automatic Abstraction and Learning Kaiqiang Jiang, Ping Huang, Hui Zan and Dehui Du 2016,10(4):0
Second Order Bounded Quantification with If-Expression Gang Chen 2016,10(4):0
Applying Programming Language Evaluation Criteria for Model Transformation Languages Leila Samimi-Dehkordi, Alireza Khalilian and Bahman Zamani 2016,10(4):0
Visualization for Knowledge Graph Based on Education Data Kai Sun, Yuhua Liu, Zongchao Guo and Changbo Wang 2016,10(3):0
Exploration of Linked Anomalies in Sensor Data for Suspicious Behavior Detection Ian Turk, Matthew Sinda, Xin'an Zhou, Jun Tao, Chaoli Wang and Qi Liao 2016,10(3):0
Frequent Pattern Mining on Personal Trajectory from Telecom Base Stations Shuai Qi, Guihua Shan, Dong Tian, Shuang Xia and Jun Liu 2016,10(3):0
A Framework for Interactive t-SNE Clustering Jared Bond, Christan Grant, Josh Imbriani and Erik Holbrook 2016,10(3):0
Performance Histogram Curve: Abstractive Visualization and Analysis of NBA Games Biao Zhu and Wei Chen 2016,10(3):0
Hyperbolic Dependency Tree Visualization for Parser Evaluation Le Wang, Yue Zhang and Lei Shi 2016,10(3):0
Editorial Robert P. Biuk-Aghai
Visual Analysis of Sentiment and Information Spread on Micro-Blog Chenghai Zhang, Yuhua Liu and Changbo Wang 2015,9(3):291-305
A Framework for Situated Interaction with Augmented Surfaces Paolo Bottoni, Kamen Kanev, Nikolay Mirenkov and Miguel Ceriani 2015,9(3):307-329
3DRC Visualizations to Support the Reconciliation of Diverging Project Views Rossella Aiello, Gennaro Costagliola, Giancarlo Nota and Fabrizio Torre 2015,9(3):331-354
An Evaluation of the Utility of Large High-Resolution Displays for Comparative Scientific Visualisation C. Müller, M. Krone, K. Scharnowski, G. Reina and T. Ert 2015,9(3):355-370
The photo of Prof. Dr. Bernd Krieg-Bruckner with signature Bernd Krieg-Bruckner 2015,9(2):0
A Historical Document, A Piece of Precious Memory Editorial Ruqian Lu 2015,9(2):93
Chinese University Development Project Bernd Krieg-Bruckner 2015,9(2):95-111
Preface Berthold Hoffmann, Dieter Hutter and Hui Shi 2015,9(2):113-115
Algebraic Constructions: A Simple Framework for Complex Dependencies and Parameterisation Grzegorz Marczynski, Donald Sannella and Andrzej Tarlecki 2015,9(2):117-139



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