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i142 Information Extraction From Microblogs: A Survey Wen Hua,Dat T. Huynh,Saeid Hosseini,Jiaheng Lu and Xiaofang Zhou 2012,6(4):495-522 18998
i117 A Meta-Model for Model-Driven Web Development Ali Fatolahi,Stephane S. Some and Timothy C. Lethbridge 2012,6(2):125-162 11576
i68 Confidentiality Protection in Cloud Computing Systems Stephen S. Yau and Ho G. An 2010,4(4):351-365 9318
2008125 Attribute Selection for Numerical Databases that Contain Correlations Taufik Djatna and Yasuhiko Morimoto 2008,2(2):125-139 6724
i55 Distance-Based Classifier via the Kernel Trick Hongxin Zhang 2010,4(2):121-133 5956
i115 A Toolkit for Generating Sentences from Context-Free Grammars Zhiwu Xu,Lixiao Zheng and Haiming Chen 2011,5(4):659-676 5508
i145 Understanding Cognition through Synthesis and Analysis Christian Freksa 2013,7(1):3-18 5197
i154 Media Cloud: When Media Revolution Meets Rise of Cloud Computing Mingfeng Tan,Xiao Su and Haiyan Wu 2013,7(2):169-193 4893
i70 Data Partitioning and Redundancy Management for Robust Multi-Tenancy SaaS Wei-Tek Tsai,Yu Huang,Qihong Shao and Xiaoying Bai 2010,4(4):437-471 4885
i90 Preface: Foundations and Practice of Systems and Software Engineering -- Towards Scientific Contribution of Prof. Manfred Broy Martin Wirsing and Ruqian Lu 2011,5(1-2Part1):1-6 4722
i125 Illumination Morphing: Generating a Smooth Change of Illumination between Two Color Images Tomohisa Manabe,Bisser Raytchev,Toru Tamaki and Kazufumi Kaneda 2012,6(1):3-27 4719
i160 Using Byzantine Fault-Tolerance to Improve Dependability in Federated Cloud Computing Peter Garraghan,Paul Townend,Jie Xu,Xiaoyu Yang and Peipei Sui 2013,7(2):221-237 4645
415 Internetware Computing: Issues and Perspective Wei-Tek Tsai,Zhi Jin and Xiaoying Bai 2009,3(4):415-438 4525
i56 Generating Rare Association Rules Using the Minimal Rare Itemsets Family Laszlo Szathmary,Petko Valtchev and Amedeo Napoli 2010,4(3):219-238 4270
i50 An Energy-Aware Geographic Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Gang Wang and Guodong Wang 2010,4(2):183-196 4195
501 Construct Control Meshes of Helicoids over Trapezium Domain Wenyu Chen,Gang Xu and Guozhao Wang 2009,3(4):501-511 4182
i52 Classification of Fatty and Cirrhosis Liver Using Wavelet-Based Statistical Texture Features andNeural Network Classifier K. Mala and V. Sadasivam 2010,4(2):151-163 4174
20081 Applying Value-Based Software Process:An ERP Example LiGuo Huang,Barry Boehm,Hao Hu,Jian Lǖ and Cheng Qian 2008,2(1):1-15 4068
i211 Algebraic Constructions: A Simple Framework for Complex Dependencies and Parameterisation Grzegorz Marczynski, Donald Sannella and Andrzej Tarlecki 2015,9(2):117-139 3974
i155 Entity-Centric Operations Modeling for Business Process Management: A Multidisciplinary Review of the State-of-the-Art Jorge L. C. Sanz and Prabir Nandi 2013,7(2):273-308 3655



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