Call for Papers
International Journal of Software and Informatics
Special Issue on Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Processing

Guest Editors:
Shunlong Luo (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Matteo G. A. Paris (University of Milan, Italy)
Yun Shang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

International Journal of Software and Informatics (IJSI) is an international peer-reviewed journal for publishing papers in broad areas of informatics and interdisciplinary fields in computer science, physics and mathematics.

Due to the emergence of quantum informatics, IJSI will devote a special issue to "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Processing" for disseminating the results and development in all areas of quantum information processing. Original or survey articles, reviews, tutorials, perspectives, and correspondences, both theoretical and experimental, are welcome.  Subjects include quantum computation, quantum information theory, quantum algorithms, quantum complexity theory, quantum programming language, quantum logic, quantum cryptography, quantum communications, quantum control and measurements, and others.

Manuscript should be submitted to, and should meet the normal referring standards of IJSI. The submission Latex template can be downloaded at

The deadline of submission is Sep. 1, 2014, and the publication of all accepted papers is expected within 2014.



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